Parametric Coffee Table Design
So I’ve had this idea for a coffee table for a while but was not able to realize it because of my lack of programming/scripting skills. While I could have created this project manually, modelling the form alone would have taken me forever, not to mention creating the cutting templates. Luckily, I’ve been getting steadily better at RhinoScript, and the table is now a reality.

I began with the dimension that I wanted, divided the rectangular surface in half to form to equal triangles and then found the centroid of each to determine the “drop points” as I like to call them (the depressions that hold the table up). The depressions themselves were modeled with a series of altered sine/cosine curves.

After joining the depression and uppersurface, all that was left was to offset to the desired depth and create a cutting template. I used a couple of scripts I developed to section the table then notch and lay out all of the pieces. Viola.

I cut a half-scale mock-up out of 1/16th cardboard a couple of weeks ago with the help of my buddy Oscar and his giant laser cutter. There were some balance issues that I’ve since resolved. The images below are of the original version. The renderings are of the upgraded version, which I hope to cut out soon.





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